The Application of 5G

The Application of 5G

中文 5x30’高清,2021
Chinese 5x30' HD, 2021
節目介紹 / Introduction

Since China issued a 5G commercial license, it marked the official beginning of China's commercial 5G deployment. From the mobile Internet to the Internet of Things, the services range from people-to-people communication to people-to-things, and things-to-things communication. How will 5G change our life? Through dialogues with developers, experts, and front-line practitioners, each episode cuts into different 5G application fields, records the changes in production and people's life, telling 5G's story.
  • xlarge.Reviving Spinal Cord
    Reviving Spinal Cord

    中文 90’/ 英文 90’, 2006
    Chinese 90' / English 90' , 2006

  • Capture
    魯豫有約 - 周華健
    A Date with Lu Yu - Wakin Chau

    中文 60’高清,2020
    Chinese 60' HD, 2020

  • xlarge.Buddhism
    Unveiling Buddhism

    中文 5 x 30'
    Chinese 5 x 30'