China's Neighbouring Countries

China's Neighbouring Countries

中文 4 x 45' / 英文字幕 4 x 45' , 2005
Chinese 4 x 45' / English Subtitles 4 x 45' , 2005
節目介紹 / Introduction
尼泊爾之山國奇譚 (中文 45' / 英文字幕 45' )


最後的漁民 (中文 45' / 英文字幕 45')


東京牛郎 (中文 45' / 英文字幕 45')


與日本右翼在一起的日子 (中文 45'  / 英文字幕 45')


A Closer Look at Nepal (Chinese 45' / English Subtitles 45')

Nepal is small in size but rich in its unique, manifold culture under the influence of its two giant neighbours, China and India. Its breathtaking landscape, with eight out of the world's 14 mountains that are over 8,000-meters high, is a mountaineer's paradise. "A Closer Look at Nepal" showcases the country's most compelling features; its special mix of the Hindu and Buddhist religions; the worship of the Virgin Goddesses; the world's bravest mercenary troop, the Gurkhas; and the hippies in Kathmandu.

The Last of the Puffer Fish Fishermen (Chinese 45' / English Subtitles 45')

Fugu fish (Puffer Fish) is famous for being venomous. In Japan, however, it is equally famed for making splendidly delicious dishes after careful extraction of its deadly poison. Yamaguchi, the largest Fugu trading city in Japan, man-made images of this cute-looking fish can be seen everywhere. Yet, over catching in recent years has depleted the stock, not only of Fugu, but all other kinds of fish as well, gravely threatening the livelihood of local fishermen. The fishing population of Yamaguchi has dropped from over 10,000 to about 3,000. The hardworking, dignified fishermen are the vestige of a long-standing tradition.

Tokyo Gigolos (Chinese 45' / English Subtitles 45')

Kabukicho is Tokyo's famous pleasure quarters. Within a tiny space of 0.5 sq. km, the streets are jam-packed with over 5,000 shops, restaurants and bars, with all types of entertainment parlours, including brothels. Tens of thousands of people work, play and pass by Kabukicho every day. This time, we turn our attention to a special group of people - the "Tokyo gigolos". On average they earn USD3,000 each month, and as much as USD30,000 when business is good. Lucrative earnings is the magnet that draws so many young people to this trade.

Up Close with Japanese Right Wing Activists (Chinese 45' / English Subtitles 45')

We have heard a lot about the right wing activists in Japan, a famous yet notorious clan. Phoenix's crew, ever so inquisitive and curious, gained access to an important member of the Japanese society who introduced them to several right wing representatives. From Tokyo to Osaka, Phoenix made this in-depth documentary about this controversial group in Asian politics. We have recorded a visual diary of these activists going about their daily routines, their motives in joining the right wing group, their thoughts and ideas.