壹周立波秀 第XIII季

Mr. Zhou Live Show (Season XIII)
壹周立波秀 第XIII季

Mr. Zhou Live Show (Season XIII)

中文 6 x 60’ , 2013
Chinese 6 x 60' , 2013
節目介紹 / Introduction

第一集 法官

中國發生法官 “嫖娼門”事件, 數名法官集體到度假村嫖妓的視頻於網路上曝光,引起社會巨大回響。事件除了嚴重影響公眾對法治中國的信心,還暴露了中國政府各機關部門的弊病。周立波利用今次“嫖娼門”事件,品評國內外法治機關的差異以及分析事件發生後所反映的另一層意義。

第二集 選秀熱


第三集 城管

 “城管”已成為當今中國社會的焦點,三天兩頭就有他們的消息出現在不同的媒體上,而且更離不開是他們暴力執法或被群眾圍毆這類消息。周立波以幽默手法分析城管和民眾關係日益惡化的原因, 並以城管一事諷刺中國公務員的弊端。

第四集 出租車


第五集 大師


第六集 謠言

科技發展令訊息傳播更便利,同時亦“便利”了謠言的傳播。中國有一名叫作“秦火火”的網民在723動車事故發生後,故意編造散佈中國有關部門花兩位天價賠償外籍遊客的謠言;國內電視台播放的抗日戰連續劇有誇大事實的情節。當科技的發展走在社會秩序之前, 政府該如何應對?


This is a brand new series of "Mr. Zhou Live Show". Mr. Zhou will share his unique point of views with the audience.

Ep.1 The Scandal Of Chinese Judges

The video of Chinese judges soliciting prostitutes in a resort was exposed on the internet and that has stirred up much public controversy. The scandal mirrors the corruption of the Chinese bureaucracy and seriously damages the government's effort on building up credibility from public. Mr. Zhou analyses the impacts behind the scandal and points out the judiciary difference between China and foreign countries.

Ep.2 Talent Show Hit

Talent show is the recent popular television genre in China which occupied lots of TV channels' schedule this summer. Amused by the awkward performance of participants while being a judge of a talent show, Mr. Zhou used the analogy with pageant for emperor in the past to illustrate the social phenomenon behind talent show.

Ep.3 Chengguan

Chengguan, which is the Chinese city urban administrative and law enforcement bureau, has been put under the spotlight since the growing conflict between them and the public in nowadays Chinese society. The violent law enforcement and injustice of Chengguan has provoked resistance from raged public. Mr. Zhou identifies the deteriorated situation with the corruption of Chinese bureaucracy.

Ep.4 Taxi

Taxi service could be a reflection of the local culture as well as the living condition of the public. Mr. Zhou explains the reasons behind the complaints of taxi service and comments about the distinctive culture of taxi service in an ironic way.

Ep.5 Master

Master should be the one with high level of knowledge, class and morality or a highly recognized expert, but most so-called masters fail to fulfill those qualities. Some “masters” even set people up by using their trust. The “Qigong Master” Wang Lin was discovered to be a notorious deceiver after meeting Ma Yun and became famous. Mr. Zhou shares his views on being a veritable master.

Ep.6 Rumour

Technology advancement is a two-sided coin which brings more efficient communication and faster facilitation of rumours at the same time. A netizen nicknamed “Qin Huohuo” spread the rumour that the Chinese government compensated the foreign victims of 723 damaged carriages in Wenzhou train collision with ridiculously high monetary compensation. Also, the soap opera fabricated the fact of the Anti-Japanese War which caused misleading message. When the development of technology is untamable, it would be a new challenge for the Chinese government to maintain the social discipline.

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