Sapor Tracing

Sapor Tracing

中文 6 x 35' 高清 , 2014
Chinese  6 x 35' HD , 2014
節目介紹 / Introduction





There are no extravagant feast and world-class service, but the local’s respect for food and the hospitality are sincere enough to touch the eaters.

The renowned Musician Wang Zheng explores the primitive side of Sichuan and learns to cook the local style of bean curd for his son.

The Folk-rock Band “Haomeimei” tries to hand-make moon cake and adds a touch of playfulness to the traditional Shanxi.

The acclaimed Author Yang Erche Namu shares the joy of eating the fresh-caught seafood with the locals in Jiangsu.

Walking through Sichuan, Shanxi and Jiangsu, the guest hosts deeply indulge in the exotic cooking culture and the genuine interaction with the locals.