徬徨路上 – 中國大學生就業調查

Road of Uncertainty - A Study of the Employment Situation of University Graduates in China
徬徨路上 – 中國大學生就業調查

Road of Uncertainty - A Study of the Employment Situation of University Graduates in China

中文 5 x 30' 高清 , 2014
Chinese 5 x 30’ HD, 2014
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Due to the expansion of China’s higher education over the years, the number of university students in China has increased rapidly and led to an ever-growing employment issue among university graduates. In order to take a deep look into the causes and effects of this issue, the programme will cover difficulties faced by current university graduates, and further investigate the issue from different aspects based on real cases shared by the graduates.

Episode 1

First-tier cities in China, such as Beijing and Shanghai, are often seen as the ideal workplaces for most university graduates given the abundant resources and opportunities. While many make their ways to work in these big cities for better livings, some prefer settling down in smaller cities. Follow the stories of Qiqi and Xiaojun to learn more about their longings and concerns about working in a big city.

Episode 2

For university graduates who are filled with dreams, the road to realizing them has become more challenging than ever. It is common to see someone ambitious giving in when his dreams contradict the reality. Fresh graduates, Xu Bing and Wei Yuan, will tell you their pursuits of dreams, the struggle between persistence and compromise as well as the balancing between dream and reality.

Episode 3

In 2004, the number of university graduates in China has reached a new record of over 7 million. As the surplus of graduates remains an ongoing problem, it is crucial for graduates to uplift their competitiveness in order to secure their deal jobs. Both graduating in English major, Qiu Yue makes extra effort to establish her career in a law firm while Aisi chooses to pursue a Master degree to better equip herself for the job market.

Episode 4

Other than employment, entrepreneurship turns out to be another option for university graduates. Many tend to show their interests in it, but only some would actually take the risk. Following the emergence of certain new industries in recent years, more graduates are encouraged to involve themselves in entrepreneurship. Amongst them, Wang Erfeng and Bao Chuanyang are determined to start up their respective ventures prior to graduation and work hard to realize their plans.

Episode 5

As graduation season approaches, most university couples are troubled by the uncertainties of their relationships after they graduate. To leave or to stay in the relationship is a question they need to sort out before stepping into the society. Two university couples featured in this episode will tell you the dilemma between love and career development as well as the ways of getting along living together.
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