壹周立波秀 第XV季

Mr. Zhou Live Show (Season XV)
壹周立波秀 第XV季

Mr. Zhou Live Show (Season XV)

中文 6 x 60' 高清 , 2015
Chinese 6 x 60’ HD, 2015
節目介紹 / Introduction

<b>第一集 蘋果來襲</b>


<b>第二集 看臉時代</b>


<b>第三集 加班/埃博拉</b>


<b>第四集 職業培訓/逃犯 </b>


<b>第五集 APEC會議/中醫與西醫</b>


<b>第六集 地溝油/追逃</b>



Zhou Libo returns with the newest season of “Mr. Zhou Live Show” and delivers talk shows with hot topics on China. By combining his incisive speeches with a humorous approach, Mr. Zhou will definitely keep the audience entertained in laughter.

<b>Episode 1 The Apple Craze</b>

The release of the newest model of Apple iPhone has set off another wave of buying craze in China. It is common to see endless queues of people in front of its stores waiting to get in. The stocks were selling fast on the internet as well. Mr. Zhou uses apple to talk about the world’s development before he discusses the Apple craze in China and the role of mobile phone today.

<b>Episode 2 Appearance Judgment</b>

In China, people commonly think that they are judged by their appearances. People with nicer looking are believed to get better treatments regardless it is in workplace or on the internet. Moreover, the number of Chinese going to South Korea for plastic surgery is increasing rapidly per year. Join Mr. Zhou to take a look into this era where physical appearance matters.

<b>Episode 3 Working Overtime/Ebola</b>

Although the media has reported that people in China has surpassed Japan when it comes to working overtime, the employees of an enterprise in Chongqing willingly initiated a strike to object the decrease in overtime hours as it would lessen their allowance. Let Mr. Zhou share with you the working overtime situation in China. Besides, see what he says about the Ebola virus disease that panicked the world in 2014.

<b>Episode 4 Vocational Training/Jailbreak</b>

More and more people nowadays tend to ask if one’s future is more guaranteed by studying at a vocational school rather than a university. Mr. Zhou analyses the education system and employment situation in China with a light manner. Furthermore, he also talks about interesting facts regarding prison break around the world.

<b>Episode 5 APEC Meeting/Chinese and Western Medicines</b>

In order to welcome the 26th APEC meeting that was held in Beijing, the government has taken a series of measures to improve the air quality. The term “APEC Blue” used to describe the blue sky of Beijing during APEC has instantly become a buzzword. Can the air quality really be improved in the long term? Mr. Zhou explores the social reactions behind the “APEC Blue”. What’s more, he comments on the battle between Chinese and Western medicines.

<b>Episode 6 Gutter Oil Scandal/Pursuit and Evasion</b>

Food safety issue has continuously drawn public concern over the years. The situation became even more worrying with the gutter oil scandals being exposed in China and Taiwan. Mr. Zhou discusses the scandals and compares the public reactions of different places. Meanwhile, he also remarks on the “Fox Hunt 2014”, a campaign launched by China to track and arrest corrupt officials who had fled to foreign countries.

(Worldwide rights available except China)
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