以我之名 – 同性戀群體實錄

It's Me - Revealing the Homosexual Community
以我之名 – 同性戀群體實錄

It's Me - Revealing the Homosexual Community

中文 4 x 30‘ / 英文  4 x 30’ 高清 , 2015
Chinese 4 x 30' / English  4 x 30' HD, 2015
節目介紹 / Introduction
2015年6月26日,美國最高法院通過全美同性婚姻合法,同性戀平權的爭取正式邁入新的里程碑。在中國,同性戀自2001年被從精神疾病名單中剔除後,同性戀者的社會地位逐漸改善。然而,這個特殊群體的生存處境依然荊棘滿布。他們除了不易被家人朋友所接納,也得承受社會的忽視甚至歧視。《以我之名 - 同性戀群體實錄》系列帶你走進中國同性戀者最真實的世界,透過橫跨9座城市的取材和十餘位公開出鏡的同性戀者和家人訪談,如實展示這個群體的生活方式和喜怒哀樂。

第一集 爲什麽是我

同性戀究竟是先天還是後天造成的仍存有爭議,而大多同性戀者最初都有着同樣的困惑 — 爲什麽就我不一樣?本集中的岳建波懷疑童年一段經歷導致自己變成同性戀;陶濤更在結婚生子後才發現性取向的轉變。他們將說出由發現自己是同性戀,到從逃避與排斥中走出來的自我認同過程。

第二集  圍繞着我


第三集 我與婚姻


第四集 拯救我


The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide on 26th June 2015, marking a new milestone for homosexuality rights. Whereas in China, the ways homosexuals are treated may have improved after the removal of homosexuality from the list of psychiatric disorders in 2001, their lives continue to be filled with numerous difficulties. By gathering stories from 9 different cities and interviewing over a dozen homosexuals as well as their family members, the programme thoroughly reveals the truest sides of the homosexual community in China.

Episode 1  Why Me

It has been a constant debate whether homosexuality is born or made, and most homosexuals tend to feel the same frustration at first – why am I different? Yue Jianbo regards a childhood experience as the cause of his homosexuality, while Tao Tao realized his interest in the same sex only after he was married and has children. In this episode, they share what they have been through from the fear and denial of discovery to self-recognition.

Episode 2  Surround Me

“Coming out of the closet” is a figure of speech describing homosexuals’ self-disclosure of their sexual orientation. In China, many homosexuals are still hesitated to come out. Li Peng chose to lie to his family because he is afraid of letting them down. Xiao Tao, on the other hand, told his mother the truth out of no choice and was relieved by her acceptance. Let Xiao Tao’s mother tell you how she coped with the news.

Episode 3  Marry Me

Many traditional families in China think marriage is essential and parental involvement is needed to expedite the process. Under such pressure, Zhang Xiaoyu and Yue Jianbo who compromised and married the opposite sex both have their marriages ended miserably. Lily used “marriage of convenience” to satisfy her parents’ request. On the contrary, Xiao Tao and his boyfriend, Xiao Xin have the blessings from their families to get married in the United States.

Episode 4  Save Me

How can the voices of the homosexuals be heard when ignorance and discrimination are all around? The ones featured in this episode have found their own ways to fight for their own rights. Liu Shi is an AIDS patient, but it did not stop him from flying all the way to Cleveland to join the Gay Games 2014. Yan Zi won the lawsuit against the clinic that performed “gay conversion therapy” on him, and the verdict marked another important step in proving homosexuality is not mental illness.