龍鳳呈祥 – 全球華人新春音樂盛典 2016

Grand Festive Music Concert 2016
龍鳳呈祥 – 全球華人新春音樂盛典 2016

Grand Festive Music Concert 2016

中文 60' / 150' 高清 , 2016
Chinese 60’ / 150’ HD , 2016
節目介紹 / Introduction
為迎接猴年到來,一年一度的華人新春音樂盛事“龍鳳呈祥 – 全球華人新春音樂盛典”今年2月6日(年廿九)於鳳凰衛視首播。鳳凰衛視與中國國家大劇院自2008年起每年聯手打造的新春音樂盛典至今已踏入第9個年頭,今年音樂會由鳳凰衛視知名主持尉遲琳嘉和田川擔綱,大展風趣幽默的主持風格。音樂盛典延續八年來的傳統,邀請海內外華人音樂家及極具潛力的青年音樂家表演。除了老朋友 – 國家大劇院歌劇總監兼管弦樂團首席指揮呂嘉外,今年邀請到管風琴家沈凡秀、二胡演奏家陳軍、女高音王麗達和鋼琴家左章等共襄盛舉。





龍鳳呈祥 – 全球華人新春音樂盛典將為全球華人帶來一個極盡視聽之娛的國際級音樂表演,為觀衆獻上一場華人世界首屈一指的音樂饕餮盛宴。

With the Year of Monkey approaching, Phoenix Satellite TV once again collaborates with China National Centre for the Performing Arts Orchestra and Chorus for the ninth time to welcome the festivity. Together they present a joyous concert to the audience, the Grand Festive Music Concert 2016. The premiere of the musical gala was on the 6th February on Phoenix TV.

The musical gala gathers the world’s finest musicians to show the beauty of music and deliver the joy and bliss of New Year to the audience. It also combines the beauty of Chinese and Western music and harmoniously incorporates the essence of both into different sequences throughout the show. The opening act, “The Dance of Golden Snake” is an orchestra piece recomposed just for this annual show. Together with the participation of Shen Fanxiu, China's top pipe organ performer this year, audience is expected to celebrate the arrival of New Year with the most jubilant atmosphere.

Amongst the renowned musicians, Jun Chen is one of the best erhu players in China who has performed in numerous countries and earned the name of “The Paganini of the Erhu”. In the musical, he plays classic erhu piece “Horse Racing” that uses different techniques to show the energetic and fantastic horse racing where thousands of horses competing for power and excellence. On the other hand, Wang Lida is a famous Chinese folk soprano who has evolved her folk songs in a pop style. Listen as she performs her signature song “Kiss the Motherland” and showcases her melodious voice in the musical.

What’s more, Zhang Zuo is one of the most renowned young Chinese pianists. She started her solo performance since the age of 10 and has performed at many of the world's most prestigious venues, including Carnegie Hall and Moscow’s Bolshoi Hall. Her playing is described as "full of enthusiasm and glamour, radiating the vigor of youth". In the musical, she performs the masterpiece compared by 19th century great pianist Franz Liszt, “Piano Concerto No.1 in E -flat major, S.124: Movement II & III”.

By extending the jubilation of previous years, the Grand Festive Music Concert 2016 continues to be an entertaining music show that features the perfect blending of Chinese and Western music instruments, the most melodious voices and a splendid stage design to bring you a cheerful and spiritual start in the year ahead.